The Provident Difference


Maybe we define “excellence” differently than others. But at Provident Nutraceutical, we have distinguished ourselves in the marketplace through not only manufacturing, but also through how we serve our customers. Our commitment to serving our customers can be summed up with three concepts. Transparency. Attentiveness. Reliability.

Transparency. We are committed to being completely transparent in how we manufacture our customers products. One of the major complaints that companies have about contract manufacturers is that there is a lack of transparency. At Provident, we have nothing to hide and will voluntarily share any information our customers require. Whether it is master batch records, manufacturing logs, or testing results, we willingly share all of the information our customers need.

Attentiveness. At Provident Nutraceutical, our focus is on taking care of all of the details that go along with manufacturing dietary supplements so that our customers can focus their attention on building their business. Whether it’s vetting raw materials, testing for adulterants, or making sure that a finished good meets label claim, we make sure that all of the little details are resolved.

Reliability. We are dedicated to becoming a partner that our customers can fully trust. We do this by consistently delivering our customers’ products on time and according to specification. Manufacturing consistency and on-time shipping removes frustration, builds confidence and earns trust between Provident Nutraceutical and our customers, and more importantly, between our customers and their end-users.

We know you are striving to be the best supplement provider in your channel. Among all contract manufacturers, partnering with Provident Nutraceutical is the better way to best.