Laboratory Analysis

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At Provident, we are committed to setting—and meeting—high-quality standards. We have a full staff of over 30 quality assurance members who focus solely on maintaining the integrity of the products we produce. Our SOPs cover everything from raw material analysis to proper storage of finished product, we have complete control and documentation of the entire production process.

Additionally, we offer customers access to their master batch records through a customer specific portal, which contains every detail about the creation of their product. This value added service gives assurance that proper policies and procedures were followed during the manufacturing process, which helps to ensure GMP compliance.

Provident will qualify suppliers used in the manufacturing of your product, and all raw materials will go through rigorous analysis to make sure they are of the highest quality and purity. The following is a general list of analysis that could be performed on the raw materials in your product. However, final quality specifications will always drive analysis to be performed.

Typical Analysis:

•    Pathogen
•    Identification 
•    Heavy metals 
•    Residual solvent
•    USP Monograph certification
•    Assay
•    Yeast and mold
•    Physical properties
•    Pesticide and herbicide
•    Allergen identification
•    Known contaminant